classes for fall semester, 2010

This page acts primarily as a convenience. All of the links will take you to the Department of Musicianship and Music Theory website.

mmt 104-1 second-year musicianship

Eartraining, third semester. Chromatic solfege in five clefs, rhythmic practice, dictation of intervals, harmonies including modulations, rhythms, melodies, and the like.

mmt 114-1 second-year music theory

A continuation of harmony, with a focus on chromatic harmony and more advanced levels of modulation. Formal analysis continues with examination of the song forms—one-part, two-part, three-part, and compound.

mmt 232 keyboard harmony

First of two semesters. Keyboard Harmony concentrates on transposition, harmonization, orchestral score-reading, and realizing figured bass.

mmt 252 advanced analysis

First of two semesters. Schenkerian analysis in a full, one-year course open to undergrads and graduates alike.