As the 2014-15 season gets underway, I'll be writing program notes and giving pre-concert lectures for a variety of institutions, including the San Francisco Symphony and the California Symphony.

My current class at the Fromm Institute is named "The Early Romantics" and covers those composers born either shortly before the 19th century, or within the first fifteen years. A bevy of popular writers, including Schubert, the Schumanns, Chopin, Mendelssohn, and others.

I have taught Music 27 - Introduction to Music for 21 years now for the Fall Freshman Program at the University of California, Berkeley. Again this fall I'm shepherding a group of undergraduates through the glories of the Western musical tradition.

I maintain a personal blog called Free Composition. The blog covers a wide range of topics, even sometimes music, so check it out frequently.


Peripheral Pianism

I may have been raised and trained as a pianist, but my relationship with the instrument has been rocky at best. Only during a very limited period of my life did the piano become really central to my career as a musician, but that unnatural attachment led soon enough to an all-stops meltdown. For the past fifteen years I have had the career I want to have, and not the one people told me I was supposed to have. That career includes the piano only peripherally; I play the occasional recital, and that's about it.

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About Scott Foglesong

Scott Foglesong is a pianist, musician, teacher, writer, cat-lover, music history devotée, occasional computer geek and sometime programmer. He has been on the faculty of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music since 1978; nowadays he serves as a department chair in addition to enjoying the honor of educating some of today's most promising young musicians. In 2008 he was named recipient of the Sarlo Family Foundation Award for excellence in teaching. He has taught Music 27 (Introduction to Music) for the Fall Freshman program at UC Berkeley since 1991, is associated with the San Francisco Symphony, both as a Contributing Writer and as an "Inside Music" lecturer for the Symphony's weekly subscription concerts, and is Program Annotator for the California Symphony, New Hampshire Music Festival, and Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra, after formerly serving in the same capacity for the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. Professor Foglesong was formally educated at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore and the San Francisco Conservatory, but his informal education continues everywhere, without cease.

Here's what's coming up:

January 12

"The Early Romantics", an 8-week course, begins at the Fromm Institute.

January 23

Spring semester begins at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

February 9 - 12

Pre-concert lectures at the San Francisco Symphony.

March 9 - 11

Pre-concert lectures at the San Francisco Symphony.

March 19

Pre-concert lectures for Noe Valley Chamber Music.

April 20 - 22

Pre-concert lectures at the San Francisco Symphony.

May 21

Pre-concert lecture for Noe Valley Chamber Music.

May 25 - 27

Pre-concert lectures for the San Francisco Symphony.